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Mission Statement

Midwest Information Technology Group is an innovative global logistics contact center solution staffing a full team of sales and customer service professionals dedicated to providing our diverse and valued clientele with demonstrated professionalism and integrity.

Approach to Quality Management

MITG has embedded Total Quality Management (TQM) into our company structure. Our organizational objectives are supported by a variety of our strengths: vision, mission, guiding principles, planning assumptions, future trends and our business plan.

We are committed to delivering the highest standard in quality to each client and their customers. As a result, we employ specific fundamental practices to ensure best-in-class business outcomes. Our internal communication is the foundation and enables an acute sense of adapting to best practices resulting in improved efficiencies and processes. For example, to promote successful cross-functional management, our entire leadership team meets on a tri-weekly basis. In addition, each of our professional Sales/Customer Service Representatives is scheduled to receive documented developmental feedback on a weekly if not a daily basis.

Ultimately, MITG utilizes a simple system for satisfying clients’ needs through meeting their customers' desires. It starts with a “never tell the customer no” attitude. We have a proven track record of integrating our business environment with our clients, while maintaining an innovative approach to adapting our methodology.

Key Success Story

MITG was selected by a Fortune 50 company to become a global provider of out of warranty replacement parts to their customers.

Quincy, IL – Midwest Information Technology Group, Inc. (MITG) announced that is has been selected by a Fortune 50 company to provide out of warranty replacement parts, customer service, sales, logistics and support via an inbound contact center. MITG will support this client in fulfilling their business strategy to gain increased customer loyalty.

MITG was engaged to operate and support their client’s consumers as well as commercial customers. In support of the initiative, in March 2003, MITG established an Operations Center in Quincy, IL.

MITG’s logistics and contact center operations and services are focused on delivering to their client’s customers more of the parts they need, when they need them. These services help commercial customers’ businesses drive their bottom line, improve operation efficiencies and increase reliability, while they also increase the consumer customers’ loyalty and satisfaction.

MITG’s client’s vision is based on the corporate objectives that have guided the company in the conduct of its business since it was founded. Their corporate objectives include: Customer Loyalty, Profit, Market Leadership, Growth, Employee Commitment, Leadership Capability, and Global Citizenship.

Company Culture

MITG was founded in 1998 and, for close to 6 years, was headquartered in Hannibal, MO. When our clients or our clients' customers, whether in business or their living room across the country, are in contact with MITG, they receive the same level of caring and dependable service as our neighbor around the corner. Our employees believe that each customer deserves individualized attention and the best service available. We provide hometown service on a global scale.

Company Innovation

MITG is not wasting time in building a track record and a name for itself as an industry leader in providing a professional outsourced global logistics contact center solution. Starting in 1998, we have evolved from computer repair center to an outsourced contact center vendor specializing in logistics, fulfillment, sales and customer service. This venture has resulted in a true alliance with several large companies.

We feel the business outcomes we produce are what separate us from our competition. If industry standards are an indicator, we believe we will maintain a significant edge over our competitors, making it a simple decision for clients to do business with us.

Essentially, our method of how we do business is in itself the greatest of our innovations.