MITG Logistics Solution

Global Reach

MITG offers an innovative global logistics contact center solution, focusing on sales and customer service. We are engaged in supplying products to customers in 19 countries on 5 different continents.

By accessing our clients’ inventory and through supply chain management, we offer to our clients’ existing customers, the products they need when they need them, around the world. This ability provides an OEM company with the ability to present a virtual internal contact center environment to their customers, and it ensures that our clients will maximize the potential for sales they would have otherwise lost.

For our clients, this proved to be extremely valuable. It is a means to provide an increase in revenue and profits, while decreasing cost. Bottom line, when MITG becomes an extension of our clients’ organization, we transform their cost center, into a profit center.

MITG Logistics Solution
MITG contact center Solution
MITG Integrated Procurement
Customized Technology
Specialty Services

Web-Based Tracking

One of the vast features of our proprietary enterprise class software is that customers are provided with a reference number which enables them to access information relative to the status of their order via the Internet, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is our way of conveniently providing the real-time information they need, when they need it. In keeping with our unwavering commitment to providing the industry benchmark in customer service, after every order a customer places, we provide them with an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and log the receipt confirmation notification electronically into their order file. Contacting a customer after the order has been placed and shipped may seem excessive to some companies. We agree, that’s why we do it.

Top-Tier Logistics Providers

Through our relationship with two top tier logistics providers who have over 125 years of experience combined, we are able to provide one of the most reliable, accelerated end-to-end logistics processes available. For example, our end-to-end process is almost 7 days faster than one of our closest competitors. While their average door-to-door delivery time is 1½ weeks, MITG delivers on an average of 2-3 business days. Since a customers’ interest or even livelihood could be relying on the products our clients market, our end-to-end process has to be exceptional, and it is. MITG has actually become a means for our clients to differentiate themselves from their competitors, and we believe this is just another feature that truly enables us to differentiate from ours.

Return Merchandise Authorization Management (RMA)

From the beginning of each of our relationships with our clients, we strive to form partnerships in each of the various services we provide. In the example of our Administrative Services Division, based on the needs of our clients, we offer a customized methodology behind product returns. RMA requests can be routed to our client directly, we can provide support via investigation based on predetermined policy, or we can provide complete in-house services. We are happy to provide a customized RMA course of action based on our clients' needs.

Our contact center Divisions and our Administrative Services Division are in close communication daily to ensure each order is managed properly. As a result, our return percentages are consistently below industry standards. In addition, our RMA management team works in tandem with our clients to ensure quality of service and process. Our operation has been formulated as a result of studying best practices. Quality Control policies are embedded in our internal processes to ensure they are consistently adhered to. This is designed to minimize returns, which will provide our clients with the peace of mind they need, knowing that we are aware of the fact that the quality of sales leaving the dock are directly related to the number of returns that arrive.

MITG Call Center Solution

Expertise in Operations Leadership

Our Contact Center leadership has over 21 years of experience combined, and has managed inbound sales and customer service related logistics contact centers generating over $120 million in revenue. Their expertise in process development and improvement is called upon regularly and utilized as a fundamental tool within our organization. They were there when the only sound you heard in a building were the crickets to managing the energy that only 300+ phone professionals can produce. The business outcomes resulting from their management techniques are improved customer and employee satisfaction levels, increased revenue and profits, and decreased cost.

MITG Integrated Procurement

Integrated Billing Capabilities

As a cutting edge technology oriented company, we can provide an integrated billing tool as part of the list of features we offer a potential client. We have established this function with one of our clients, a Fortune 50 company, which has proven to maximize billing efficiency by decreasing errors and their related costs.

Supply Chain Management

Since 1998, we have established and maintained effective relationships with over 150 suppliers. Some companies have gone to great lengths over the course of decades to provide what we can provide today. We have truly built a track record as a contender in the 3rd party logistics arena. Our proprietary ‘recipe’, which results in increases revenue and profits, while decreasing cost, is the heart of our supply chain management.

Real-Time ‘Visible’ Inventory

Through web-based access to our clients' inventory, we have the ability to support the inbound logistics management interests of our clients. Managing the supply of a product in order to manage the price point can be critical to a company’s longevity. We not only respect that every for-profit business deserves the right to earn a profit, we labor to increase them.

Consistent Pricing

The potential to quote varying prices to the same customer base can be disastrous. In recognition of this, MITG believes a major aspect of quality service lies in consistent pricing. We support consistent pricing and have customizable automated tools in our order management processes to ensure the prices we quote comply with the wishes of our clients.

Customized Websites

Part of the ‘virtual’ internal contact center experience your customers will feel includes a customized website. While we will take phone orders on your behalf, we can take orders via the Internet on your behalf as well. Your customers can access ‘YOUR’ website and place orders online, or get information regarding the status of their order, 24/7.

Sales & Service Training

The MITG University currently offers 4 ‘degrees’. Diplomas are earned following the successful completion of the Consumer, Corporate, Administrative Divisions and Selling Skill courses. In addition, the MITG University offers ‘continuing education’ through follow up Selling Skill and Customer Service courses. All new employees are required to pass an exam and ‘mock call’ certifications following their initial training, prior to entering operations. Individualized monitoring and coaching is employed as a tool to further develop these learned skills. Medals are awarded to those who are observed performing the techniques trained in the MITG University.

Customized Technology (from client to client)

E-Magine System

We utilize a customizable enterprise class software system called the e-Magine System. The e-Magine system is a highly sophisticated software system designed to automate procurement processes and data management through a fully integrated, web-enabled system. Because of its capability to be customized, we are able to offer our services to companies in many industry verticals. It is comprised of many different interactive components that fall under these six application groups, all of which can be customized to meet your business needs.

1. Web-Enabled Order Entry

End Customers Order Directly through the Website
Sales Staff Ability to Order on Customer's Behalf
Product Entry w/ Description & Cost
Customer Cost
Supplier Info
Customer Info (possible 3 addresses)
Tax/Non-Taxable Processes Built-In
CC Info (secured data)
Customizable Return Policy disclosure
Individual Order Reference Numbers
(mapped to order placing CSR)
Complete Order Life Cycle Status
24/7 Customer Access

2. Order Management System

Dynamic Work Flow Management Capabilities
Multi-Step Process Support
Dynamic Self-Service User Administration
Complete Transaction Audit Trails
Managed Supplier Relationships
Accelerated End-to-End Process
Real-Time Visible Inventory
Cost Management through Supply Management
Consistency in Pricing

3. Order Tracking

Integrated with Top Tier Logistics Providers
Custom Ship Methods
24/7 Customer Access
Top 3 Logistics Providers
Best-in-Class Customer Service (ETA Notification and Receipt Confirmation Storage)
Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Management/Partnership

4. Reporting

Instant Picture of All Incoming Orders at Each Stage
Dynamic Statistical Analysis of Your Customer Data

5. Payment Capture

Bank to Bank Transfers
Integrated Credit Card Processing
Purchase Order Automation
Multiple Payment Capture Options

6. Contact Management Center Service

Professional CSRs with Experience Serving Fortune 50 Companies
Customer Service to be Proud to Offer to Your Customers
Utilize Our Cutting Edge Telephony Technologies
Customized Websites
Superior Sales Training
Methodology Architecture

Specialty Services

MITG Laptop Depot Repair

Multiple Vendor Certified Technicians
In/Out of Warranty Support (HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Sony and More)
Personal Digital Assistants (Jornada, Palm and IPAQ)
Repair and Rework of Motherboards, LCD Panels, LCD Desktop Monitors
Flat Rates/Extended Warranties

MITG Laptop Software Imaging

MCSE Certified Technicians
Configuring and Executing Imaging/Backup Sessions
CD/RW and DVD-RW devices
Partition Cloning (Data to the State of the OS)
Manage and Store Drive Images on Variety of Media

MITG Hardware Integration

Product Recovery Process
Accurate Inventory Records
Critical Parts Forecasting
On-site Warehouse
Stock Checkout/Transfers
Automatic Stock Reorder

MITG PC Disposal

EPA State and Federal Compliant
Risk Management
Employee Purchase Programs
Equipment Donation Preparation
Hardware Redeployment Programs